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Whether you’re buying a home or gearing up to sell one, you have a lot of tools at your disposal but having a trusted agent to spearhead the process is key to the success of your overall experience. Having someone to walk you through the ups and downs, help you navigate the dips and turns, and to be your advocate when the waters get rough can make your process more enjoyable by smoothing out kinks and helping negate unnecessary stress.  

Enter… The Realtor (that’s me).  

How I Help

The real estate industry is much like a game of thrones minus the swords, kings, and queens… there’s posturing for position, there’s insider knowledge to be had and to contend with, and of course, there’s a slew of unknowns.  

As your agent, I guide the process from helping you with price points and budgets to narrowing your search for the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. By connecting to and networking with other agents, you’ll have real-time, up to the minute information that gives you an edge in a competitive and busy market.


Jared helped us locate our home in a new development. He showed us several homes with our "must have" list and provided daily email updates on the latest listings. He also showed us ALL homes that we had interest in and provided all the information we wanted. I highly recommend him if you want personalized, professional service when it comes to buying a home in the San Joaquin Valley. He also has lots of relationships to get you the latest, up to the minute, information. For those of you wondering why "up to the minute" matters, you'll appreciate it when you're buying for the first time.  

-Jennifer and Chai

Why I'm Good

It’s not just about finding the perfect house with the perfect yard in the perfect neighborhood.  

As your realtor, I want to make your experience as pain-free and easy as possible, and though finding the right home can take time and requires some real sweat equity, behind the scenes is where the real work takes place.  

Where a good realtor proves their worth is making sure that the transaction moves smoothly. The part that clients usually don’t see is the orchestration of all the moving parts, looking out for pitfalls and always making sure that you, the client, are in the best negotiating position. This is where I do the most work and it takes the most skill.  

But… (there’s always a but), it’s about more than logistics and transactions. The emotional aspects of buying or selling a home can’t be discounted and a good realtor knows how to help clients manage the ups and downs. I’m as steady as they come and have seen my fair share of meltdowns - enough to know that part of my job is to help you focus on the things you can control and to trust that if a deal can be done, I’ll get it done.  

That said… finding the perfect house with the perfect yard in the perfect neighborhood is what this is all about and in addition to being a prone-to-perfectionism-detail-oriented-real-estate ninja, I’m a native of Clovis which means I have an innate and slightly uncanny knowledge of the market and its turns.  

I know the nuances of the school districts, I know the neighborhoods in and out, and I know the hidden gems that make Clovis one of the most sought-after communities in the San Joaquin Valley.  

Above all, I care about your experience and will go above and beyond to provide you with everything you need to make this process smooth like butter.  


We were considering moving to Clovis from Denver due to my husband’s job and Jared had the monster task of helping us wrap our heads around a community we’d never been to while trying to find the perfect home for our family. It was daunting and emotional but Jared was generous with his time and knowledge and after 2 whirlwind days, he helped us pick a neighborhood and narrow it down to 2 homes. Because Jared is a native of Clovis, he provided us with invaluable knowledge about the schools for our kids, the vibe of the neighborhoods (brand new vs. more established), and the surrounding amenities - pros and cons - of each area we viewed. We ended up staying in Denver, but I’ll be forever grateful that we had someone so trustworthy and willing to go above and beyond in our corner. When we traveled back to Denver, Jared was kind enough to help us get a closer look at a house we loved by going over there with his phone and walking us through it on video! Excellent service and I highly recommend him. 

- Jill and George

What's Next?

Are you ready for action or just testing the waters? No matter where you are in the game, it’s smart to start the process with someone who cares, someone you can trust, and someone with expertise in your corner. Whether you’re listing your home, searching for a new home, or both, let’s get the ball rolling by exploring your needs - it’s never too early to assess your situation so you’re ready to roll when the time is right.  

Set up a call or shoot me an email and let’s get you started down the road to your next adventure and your new home.  


My husband and I were recommended to Jared Kim by a mutual friend. It was our first home purchase and we were very excited yet nervous about the whole process. Jared was a fantastic realtor with expertise in the local area. He was always professional, reliable, patient, and kind. From the beginning of searching to finally getting our keys, Jared was always there every step of the way! We really enjoyed working with Jared. We have recommended him to others and would love to work with him again the next time we are in the market for a new home.

- Heather and Tyler

From start to finish and even beyond, when you work with me, you’ll get the attention and high caliber service you deserve. 

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